Cachena beef dry aged tenderloin +/- 450 g

Cachena beef dry aged tenderloin +/- 450 g

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A delicious Cachena beef tenderloin, well marbled and matured in our dry aging room. particularly tender and tasty, you can cook it on the grill or in the pan.

Cachena comes from the border between Spain and Portugal.

It's a small-sized breed, raised in grazing spaces all year long.

Despite their light weight after slaughter, the meat quality is astounding. The flesh is pale pink in calves to more intense red in mature animals. Intramuscular fat is present in small amounts just to make the meat tasty. After cooking, the meat is juicy and tender.

In Portugal, it has a protected designation of origin: « carne cachena da peneda DOP ».

Cooking tips :

  • unpack 1 hour in advance and leave at room temperature
  • salt and pepper before cooking
  • cook according to your taste but be careful with overcooking, this meat will be better rare or medium!
  • let stand for at least 5 minutes after cooking so that the fiber relaxes and the juices are redistributed in the meat
  • Enjoy your meal !