Côte à l'os Normande dry aged +/- 1 kg

Côte à l'os Normande dry aged +/- 1 kg

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A delicious Normande beef côte à l'os, well marbled and matured in our dry aging room. particularly tender and tasty, you can cook it on the grill or in the pan.

The Normande is a French breed from Normandy.

Men say it may even have been introduced in France by the Vikings.

It's a middle sized white cow with brown stains. It's famous for its milking qualities and mostly used for the cheese making process.

In terms of meat, Normande beef is really appreciated for its savor and its marbling. It was even selected as "best quality meat" by the Gault et Millau. It is also a breed that really works for the dry aging process on the bone.

Cooking tips :

  • unpack 1 hour in advance and leave at room temperature
  • salt and pepper before cooking
  • cook according to your taste but be careful with overcooking, this meat will be better rare or medium!
  • let stand for at least 5 minutes after cooking so that the fiber relaxes and the juices are redistributed in the meat
  • Enjoy your meal !